Responding to the Deputy Minister for Climate Change’s statement that the Roads Review panel report has concluded, Andrew RT Davies said:

“We’ve waited 15 months for this report, and now the Minister is making us wait even longer.

“When really we know that the Minister’s decision is a foregone conclusion.

“The Labour Government in Cardiff Bay have a dogmatic hatred of private cars. They make it their business to make private car use as unpleasant and costly as they can.

“But many people across Wales do not have the option to use alternative transport, because the alternatives the Labour Government provide are so shoddy.

“And we see the impact of their hatred of cars all the time. I think back to the Ed Sheeran concert in Cardiff, when thousands of people were stuck in traffic jams that stretched for miles and miles.

“Wales will never be able to realise its full potential with Labour in charge on our economy and infrastructure.”