Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies visited Monty’s Brewery in Montgomery yesterday to meet with owners Russ and Pam Honeyman.  

Mr Davies was given a tour of the brewery and sampled Monty’s exciting product range, including his personal favourite “Monty’s Dark Secret” stout.  

He also discussed concerns about the proposed Deposit Return Scheme with Russ and Pam.   

If existing proposals go ahead, different schemes will apply in England, Scotland and Wales. Welsh brewers fear this will put them at a commercial disadvantage.  

While supporting a scheme in principle, Mr Davies said it was vital these concerns were ironed out.  

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to visit Monty’s Brewery and I’m extremely grateful to Russ and Pam for taking the time to meet.  

“Since launching in 2008, the business has gone from strength to strength. They have an exciting product range on offer, including their Dark Secret Stout: my personal favourite!” 

“It was beneficial to chat about the concerns facing the industry, including the deposit return scheme.  

“In principle it’s a fantastic idea. But it is vital concerns are sorted before the scheme is implemented. 

“I will raise these with Welsh Government ministers.” 


[Picture: Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies is given a tour of Monty’s Brewery by owners Russ and Pam Honeyman]