Andrew RT Davies has today called on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to get serious about tackling school exclusions, as temporary and permanent exclusions rise.

A freedom of information request seen by Andrew RT Davies’ office revealed that, so far in 2022, more than one in 100 pupils in Vale of Glamorgan have been temporarily excluded from school.

The percentage of pupils facing permanent exclusions has more than doubled since 2020.

Commenting, Andrew RT Davies said:

“The impact of school exclusions is lost learning, lost opportunities, and lost potential.

“There’s no doubt that school exclusions can be caused by a range of issues, inside and outside schools.

“But, given that the Council leader used to be the Cabinet Member for Education, I had hoped that there would be greater focus on tackling exclusions.  

“Rather than posing for photos, and trying to cultivate an image as a freedom fighter, the Council Leader should use her experience with the education portfolio to tackle exclusions head on.”