Davies blasts Vale Labour’s stay-at-home, locked down democracy

Andrew RT Davies has today criticised the Vale of Glamorgan Labour Group for refusing to move Council meetings to a hybrid format.

In a full Council meeting last night, Labour voted down a motion calling for hybrid meetings.

Currently, Vale Council meetings are remote.

Only two Councils in Wales have not moved to hybrid meetings.

Commenting, Andrew RT Davies said:

“Vale residents elect Councillors to County Hall, not to the sofa.

“To serve in elected office is a privilege and, in this instance, is also remunerated. I see no reason why there shouldn’t be provisions for members to attend meetings in person. But Labour won’t have it.

“Meeting in person allows for better debate, scrutiny and decision making.

“This blanket, stay at home approach is out of date and bad for democracy.

“And while it may be comfortable for some members to do meetings from home, we cannot allow our democracy to stay locked down while everything else is opened up.”