Andrew RT Davies has today set out his asks of the new Prime Minister, ‘whoever that may be.’

In short, Davies’ asks are:

  • Rail consequentials for Wales, spent by Network Rail. 
  • A commitment to no further devolution of powers to Cardiff Bay.
  • Make St David’s Day a bank holiday.

Writing in The Sunday Times, Davies said the new PM could show people in Wales that the Union works for them by delivering rail investment consequentials to Network Rail. 

He said delivering rail improvements would also show that “while Labour is holding Wales back, the Conservatives are unleashing Wales’ potential.”

Davies wants the money spent by Network Rail in Wales, rather than by Welsh Government.

Secondly, Davies called for the new PM to make it clear that “under a Conservative government, no further powers will be devolved to Cardiff Bay.”

Finally, he reiterated his calls for St David’s Day to be made a bank holiday, adding “it’s a no brainer”.


  • In a call for the new PM to unite the party, Davies said they needed to work to end “this perpetual Mexican standoff.”
  • Reflecting on the diversity of leadership candidates, he said “modern Britain is reflected in our
  • Davies praised Boris Johnson’s achievements in office.