Andrew RT Davies MS said: 

“Sadly, these regular NHS statistical releases are, for people across the Vale, becoming a monthly misery. 

“Labour’s historic and systematic mismanagement of our health service is meaning people are stuck waiting in A&E for record times, waiting years for treatment and waiting for too long for ambulances. 

“Patients and staff in Wales can wait no longer. If Labour can’t get a grip of the crisis in our NHS that they’ve presided over, they should make way for somebody who can.” 

Notes to editors

The number of people languishing in pain on an NHS waiting list in Wales has continued to grow, nearing 1-in-4 of the population, with little sign of improvement for A&E and ambulance waits.

Latest Welsh NHS data for April showed the highest ever number of patients waiting for treatment with over 707,000 on patient pathways – an increase of over 15,000 in two months – leaving over a fifth of the Welsh people on the waiting list.

The number of people waiting over two years is now 68,000, a 887% increase since in a year. The median waiting time for that same month in Wales was 22.5 weeks compared to 12.6 in England, while 1-in-4 Welsh patients wait over a year for treatment, only 1-in-20 do so in England.

Additional figures showed a third (33.4%) of patients had to wait over the four hour target to be seen in A&E last month – the third worst figure for the Labour-run Welsh NHS on record.

In England, the equivalent figure was 27%. The Welsh target to get 95% admittances seen in four hours has never been met in its 13-year existence.