South Wales Central MS Andrew RT Davies has called on the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council to bring forward a comprehensive plan to tackle disruption to garden waste collections.   

The service has faced several problems in recent weeks, with collections not taking place on the scheduled day.  

The issue has worsened over the past fortnight. And several residents have missed out on their collections altogether.  

Council bosses have sighted national labour shortages as the cause of the disruption.  

But Mr Davies said a plan must be brought forward to bring a halt to the problems.  

Mr Davies said, “Vale residents have been very patient and have put up with several problems with the garden waste collection service.  

“But the problem only seems to be getting worse. And excuses can only last for so long. We’ve faced years of inflation busting rises and we’re not getting value for money.  

“The Labour-run Council must urgently bring forward a plan to deal with these problems. We will not put up with this disruption indefinitely.”